Oil Rigs and Marine Vessels HVAC Control Systems

Oil Rigs and Marine Vessels HVAC Control Systems

With 40+ years of experience and knowledge, sildenafil sales our automation machinery experts have decided to expand our great services by offering high-quality HVAC control systems for oil rigs and marine vessels. In our latest oil rig HVAC control project, the components being tested were spread out over a large area on four levels of the rig. Our highly-skilled experts recommended a distributed I/O system that uses Ethernet communications.

  • Development of the wiring schematics which consisted of 48 size B drawings
  • Complete Bill of Materials
  • Main electric cabinet with PLC, 12″ Touch Panel operator interface, UPS
  • Three remote I/O enclosures PLC and Touch Screen programming
  • On-Site start-up and commissioning

For maximum efficiency and results, look to us for all of your HVAC control system needs!

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