Software & Screens for all systems

Expert Automation has extensive experience with PLCs and Touch screens form Automation Direct, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Idec, EZ Automation, Red Lion and Maple Systems.

We have experience in developing the following types of systems and sub-systems:

  • Programmable-Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Touch screens
  • Servo systems
  • Custom protocol-translation
  • Variable-Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • ORP monitoring and control
  • Conductivity monitoring
  • Encoders
  • Rectifier Control

We have dozens of systems in the field that use the above-mentioned systems. We started in the metal-finishing industry (plating, cleaning, anodizing and so on)

Since then we have supported the following industries:

  • Biodiesel generation
  • Natural gas purification
  • Agricultural sprinkler systems
  • Printing-press network support
  • Plating Waste-Treatment controls and monitoring
  • Vending systems
  • Storm-water pumping
  • Ground-water remediation
  • Flexible-circuit processing

Some of our larger clients:

  • Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • ASIeei, Largo, Florida
  • WestRock, Jacksonville Florida
  • GMF Industries, Lakeland, Florida
  • SIBE Automation, Ocala, Florida
  • Precision Industries, Valdosta, Georgia
  • Precision Plating Company, Chicago, Illinois
  • Tech-Etch, Plymouth, Massachusetts
  • The City of Naples, Florida
  • Halkey-Roberts, St. Petersburg, Florida

Due to corporate policy, we will not provide automation support for the following industries:

  • Alcohol-related, except wine-making
  • Tobacco-related
  • Legalized marijuana production
  • Non-military firearm production or ammunition
  • Non FDA-Approved supplements
  • Equipment destined to be shipped to communist countries
  • Equipment destined for countries actively supporting terrorism

Anything else is acceptable.

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